Do you use fondant on your cakes?

At this time I do not make fully fondant covered cakes to sell. I will use fondant for certain cake decor elements. 

When should I order for my event?

It’s best to have your order in a minimum of two weeks prior to your event. This allows time to finalize your order and work your order into my schedule. If you’re ready to submit your order earlier then please do! For larger orders it’s especially helpful to have extra lead time. Orders accepted with less than two weeks lead time may include an additional rush fee.

How does payment work? 

I have a retainer policy, meaning at the time of booking your order I require at least half of the payment upfront. This portion is non-refundable because I will turn down other orders I receive for the same event date. 

The second half of the payment needs to be made by at least one week in advance so that I can order all necessary supplies/ingredients for your cake. You are also welcome to pay in full upfront at the moment of booking if it’s easier to just get it out of the way!

 Your order is not considered fully booked until I receive payment, so if another client is looking to book on the same day, I will book whoever completes their payment first.

Why is there a booking contract?

Upon making a deposit on your order, you are agreeing to my booking contract. This helps us both to be on the same page with terms and policies, and also holds me responsible to fulfill my obligations to you. See my full contract here.

What payment methods are accepted?

My preferred payment methods are credit card through my website. Under very rare special circumstances I can accept Venmo or cash prior to pickup or delivery.

Will I need to pick up my order?

At the time of order you will have the option to choose pickup or delivery. Pickup is in South East Vancouver Washington.  Your pickup time will be a 15 minute window after which I cannot guarantee to be available. Cake care instructions will be provided to you. You can also find them here. I am not liable for any damage to cakes that are picked up and transported by the client.

Delivery is available within Clark County, Washington pending schedule availability. A delivery fee will be charged based on mileage and the time required to make the delivery. This should be arranged at the time the initial order is made.

How is pricing calculated?

Pricing includes the cost of all ingredients used in making the cake, supplies, overhead, labor, and the value of my expertise and skill. This is why more complex designs will cost more- not necessarily due to expensive ingredients, but for the time commitment involved. 

Can I request a flavor that’s not on the menu?

Due to my Cottage Food License I am not able to make flavors outside of my current menu. If you have a flavor you would love to see me provide in the future, be sure to let me know and I’ll consider adding it to my menu next time I renew my license. 

Do you have gluten free/allergen free options?

Sadly, I do not currently have gluten free/allergen free options, and while I do follow good handling and food safety practices, all my products come with the warning that they are produced in a kitchen that also processes allergens. If you need to know the ingredients in a cake, buttercream, or filling for allergen reasons, feel free to message me about it.

Do you have the proper licenses and registration to operate?

I’m happy to say I do! I have a valid food handler’s permit, a cottage food license, and a business license in order to operate my out-of-home bakery.

If you have any other questions about your order, please feel free to shoot me a message!

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